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          OKCHEM Global Supplier Membership

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          Product Showcase
          Product Showcase is a ranking function that highlights your products within both your customized website and in a buyer's search results.
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          OKCHEM Homepage Hot Products Display
          Display your product in the homepage to help you increase exposure and win more trust from buyers.
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          OKCHEM Ad Product
          Ad products will appear in the top 3 of the buyer’s search results to help you get more attention and clicks.
          Customized Website & Secondary Domain Name
          One-on-One Customer Service

          OKCHEM VIP Service Card

          • 5% off for each service

            Pre-paid $1000

          • 10% off for each service

            Pre-paid $2000

          • 15% off for each service

            Pre-paid $3000

          • 20% off for each service

            Pre-paid $5000

          Online Value-added Service

          • OKCHEM Homepage Banner Ad

            OKCHEM Homepage Banner Ad

            Display your company on the homepage banner to get the most attention from buyers.

          • Hot Products Display

            Hot Products Display

            Display your product in the homepage to help you increase exposure and win more trust from buyers.

          • OKCHEM Ad Product

            OKCHEM Ad Product

            Ad products will appear at the top of a buyer's search results. 90% of buyers will view the first 3 search results pages only, thus the Ad product can bring more clicks.

          • Store Operation Service

            Store Operation Service

            Help you manage store on okchem.com and offer you all operation services online including creating account, opening store, product management, store management, etc.

          • Google AdWords Service

            Google AdWords Service

            Use Google AdWords to promote your company and product. With rich experience in the industry, we can help you make the advertising more effective and you can pay per click.

          • Facebook AdWords Service

            Facebook AdWords Service

            Help you promote your company and product based on the large user base on Facebook; help you increase exposure and reach targeted customers by user analysis.

          • Email Direct Marketing

            Email Direct Marketing

            Help you send marketing emails and convey important information to your targeted customers, in order to establish contact with the customer and facilitate your sales.

          • Market Analysis Report

            Market Analysis Report

            The market report of a specific product can help you analyze the global market, key players, and buyer and seller distribution, etc, which can help you make better business decisions.

          Offline Value-added Service

          • Targeted Buyer & Seller Match

            Targeted Buyer & Seller Match

            Discover real & quality inquiries for supplier, and offer contact information of the key person to help supplier get in touch with the matched buyers overseas.

          • Joint Exhibition

            Joint Exhibition

            Schedule the most suitable exhibition for the seller among the OKCHEM exhibitions and invite one staff from the seller to attend exhibition together.

          • Customer Report

            Customer Report

            Customer report is the exclusive OKCHEM field-visit report, which can help you get real and informative information of the buyer and help you expand business more efficiently.

          • Exhibition Brand Promotion

            Exhibition Brand Promotion

            OKCHEM can provide a logo wall to show seller's logo, and distribute 20 name cards and 10 brochures for the seller in the OKCHEM exhibitions. One exhibition is counted once.

          • Translation Service

            Translation Service

            Support translation of Chinese, English, Russian, Hindi,Indonesian, Spainish, Portuguese, Korean, French, Italian, etc.

          • Customer Visit Service

            Customer Visit Service

            If seller wants to visit the customer in the country of our overseas office, OKCHEM can provide customer visit service. The visiting cost is charged by customer.

          Tailor-made Services

          With all our strengths online and offline, we are able to offer a wide range of customized services tailored to different needs.

          Apply for the tailor-made service

          Global Marketing Strategy

          Online Marketing

          Millions of buyers from more than 200 countries

          More than 200,000 SNS followers in the chemical industry

          Global marketing in international advertisement and magazines

          Offline Marketing

          20 global offices to help you access to the local markets.

          100+ exhibitions to increase your brand exposure

          Worldwide Buyers Network

          Sales Leads

          Real & quality buying requests updated everyday to help you directly

          know the buyer requirements, and find the sales leads.

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          Find Potential Buyers

          Take the initiative to connect with the global buyers and win more

          business opportunities.

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          Locate Target Buyers

          Our global localized network will help you locate the most suitable buyer

          resources matched for your products in your target market.

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